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Textured curly hair is what I do all day long. This is not new to me. It is 75% of my client base, and at this point in my career I ONLY accept new clients that want the Deva Concept cut. I do consider long and thick hair. The Deva Concept cut cannot be compared to any conventional cut. The life, on average, of a concept cut lasts for about four months.


MY FEE IS NOT TYPICAL, more base on time. It takes one and a half to two hours, to hydrate/prep, dry, cut and educate you. Keep in mind, I am not a hairdresser, I am a specialist (PhrizzAssist) that has done curly textured hair my entire career. Committed to Deva Curl 2008


Ladies and Men

Deva Concept:


*Deva Concept cut includes cleanse/hydrate/cuttting one curl at a time (2 1/2- 3 hours): $250 to extreme thickness or past shoulders and or both.


*Deva Concept cleanse/hydrate/cutting one curl at a time (2 hours) $195


PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE GRATUITY, If in question, google "Oprah gratuity guidelines"


~~~~NOTE: If your hair is ~~extremly thick~~, and takes more time, add $25 per hour - this can take up to an hour plus to detangle and hydrate. A total of 3 hours is not uncommom for this type of curl and thinckness.


*DEVA down-doo (Deva's version of a blo dry: $85 and up

*Mens cuts: $50 (one hour) NON- Deva

* Bounce back cleansing service (build up buster)

*hi lites (mid crown forward) $150 and up

*Base color: $90 and up

*Color glaze with base color: $50

*On location services are sometimes considered, started at $300 and up.




  • 12 OZ $18.00 retail-24.00 (Original/Delight/Decadence)
  • 32 OZ (Decadence, Delight and Original) $38.00 retail-44.00
  • Wave Maker $21.00 retail 24.95
  • B'Leave-In $16.00 (6 oz) retail 19.98
  • B'leave-In $35(16oz) retiail 39.98
  • Frizz free volume foam $19/ retail 24.95
  • Styling cream $21-23 retail, 24.95
  • Spray Gel $18.00 retail 24.95
  • Flex hold hair spray $21.00 travel size $6 (travel disc)
  • Mirrorcurls $24.00
  • Curly Girl books $11.95
  • 3 oz size travel size $7.00
  • Deva travel bag (white) $30.00
  • Deva T shirts $25.00
  • DEVA TOWELS $15.00 retial 20.00 New!
  • DEVA FUSER $38.00 retail 40.00
  • DEVA spray shine $20.00 -discontinued
  • DEVA DRYER/FUSER (NEW 2015) $150 includes deva fuser. retail, $159 New!
  • Build-up Buster , 6 oz $20 retail 28.00
  • Also have all of the New products, ask for prices!


  • UPDATED 2019 (Prices can change)